Cindy Lawas

Cindy Lawas

Any advice on learning languages? (語学学習アドバイスは?)When learning foreign languages, some students lose their motivations when they encounter difficulty. So it’s crucial to practice your new language in every single day. For me it is like surrounding yourself in the new culture and bringing it into practice such as writing an email and listening to music and radio etc. Remember that the best possible outcome is for others to speak back to you and to able to have a simple conversation. (言語を学ぶとき、難しくなるとやる気がなくなることありますね。だから毎日練習することが大切。私はメール書いたり、音楽やラジオを聴いたり、その言語の環境に置くようにしています。大切なのは、相手が返答をしてくれて、シンプルな会話を続けられるようになることです。)
What language do you speak? (何語を話しますか?)Indonesian, English, Hokkien and Japanese. I am currently learning French.(インドネシア語、英語、福建語、日本語、現在フランス語を勉強中。)

Have fun with it. Think of some fun ways to practice your new language. (楽しんで!楽しめる方法を考えて練習してください)


How do you study English? How can you speak fluent English?
Those are the questions I often hear from Japanese people.
Don't be shy. Don't feel uneasy. Take the first step and come talk to us!
We are here and we are ready to motivate you in learning English.
We have a great variety of methods teaching English with high qualified and interesting teachers. If you are interested, don't hesitate to call and take a free trial lesson to find out.
Thank you.


To our current student, you are actually better than what you think! I see all of you are actually very communicative and have the spirit to study English in spite of your tight schedules. I would like to say thank you very much for staying with us and giving us the opportunity to offer you the best updated and personalized English courses.
Feel free to join our events and improve your communication skills with us and other people who came from different cultural backgrounds.
We will make sure to provide you with the best materials to improve your language skills!


Where are you from?
I am from Indonesia. I was born in Jakarta, and then I moved to Medan in North Sumatra.
Why are you teaching language?
I want to share my experiences in learning languages, and English is a world-wide international language, for it helps people understand each other regardless of the different languages they speak. I have a feeling that English will be used by more people in the future.
What’s the best place you have ever visited?
Pulau Ubin (or it is also called Ubin island) in Singapore.
What was good about the place?
The nature and a place where you can have a great day trip walking or pedaling through the forest. Exploring shady trails in rubber plantations and checking out secluded beaches and flourishing mangroves.
(日帰りで森の中を歩いたりサイクリングしたり、自然を楽しめる場所。 ゴム農園を散策したり、静かなビーチやマングローブが楽しめます。)
What’s your favorite place in Japan?br />(日本でお気に入りの場所は?) Kyoto
What’s your favorite Japanese food?
Wasyoku is my favourite. Especially when it is set with tsukemono, mishoshiru, grilled fish and genmai. I love udon too.
What do you like about your home country?
It is easy to live as every household has a helper or you can recruit a servant to do all the stuff for you. Other thing is the weather. You’ll never need to put on an extra sweater unless you are visiting the mountains.
Date of birth with year
Message for prospective students
Have fun with it. Think of some fun ways to practice your new language. Just believe in yourself that you can master a language. Nothing is impossible



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