Yassine Zirar【英語講師】

Let’s create the atmosphere of being able to achieve one’s aspirations(夢を実現できるという感覚を一緒に創り上げましょう)

Any advice on learning languages? (語学学習アドバイスは?)“Practice makes perfect” Advice1: Practice! Advice2: Practice!! (「習うより慣れよ」 一に練習、二に練習)
What language do you speak? (何語を話しますか?)Arabic, Amazigh(Berber), French, Spanish, English. Learning: Japanese and German. (アラビア語、アマジグ語(ベルベル語)、フランス語、英語  日本語とドイツ語を学習中)

“The only people who never fail are those who never try.” Keep Trying.(「失敗したことがない人とは、挑戦すらしなかった人」です。挑戦し続けましょう。)


Does any of the above describe you in one way or another? Those are the most common words that have been frequently heard in Japan concerning English education. Do you know that Japanese people get the best scores in the English Language tests such as TOEIC, Eiken, TOEFL, schools’ entrance examinations etc… however they are the worst when it comes to speaking? So what’s wrong with the English-education in Japan? Why is this happening even though you struggle to be a better English speaker? Why are English learners IN JAPAN having a really hard time learning English?
Based on a long experience and a deep research on the English Education in Japan, and thanks to all of our competent and very well-experienced teachers from all around the world, we believe that we’ve come up with the best approach to overcome this problem and provide you with the best of Eikaiwa-solutions to make your journey a different experience with guaranteed results.
You may ask “why mmm?”
Simply because it’s the right school that has the right teachers using the right curriculum with the right materials and methods to teach you the right way to speak right English.
Wanna be right? Come join us.



A brief word to my students:
I’m so blessed having you as a part of my journey and being a part of yours. It has been an honor and a privilege to spend time with you these past few years to learn from you, and to watch you grow day by day as better English speakers. You have taught me how to be a better teacher.
Teaching can be a hard job but watching you grow makes it easy and very rewarding. I deeply thank you for trusting me.


Hello everyone.
My name’s YASSINE, and I’m from Zaio, Morocco.
I have been teaching English French Spanish and Arabic in both Morocco and Japan for about four years now. In my free time I like to play sports, especially soccer, I really enjoy playing soccer, I used to be a soccer player in Morocco. I also like reading, writing, traveling and surfing on the internet. I feel extremely happy to welcome you to mmm.international group to enjoy learning English, and I promise you that you will have an amazing and memorable time with all of us. I look forward to spending this interesting time with you, so please feel free to contact us anytime you want.
You are welcome all the time to our exciting English school.

Where are you from?
Why are you teaching language?
What I love the best about teaching languages is the respect that I get from others in the community. And most importantly the impact that I have on the students regardless of the size; that positive influence I make on their life whether academically in the classroom or outside in the real world. There is nothing more fun than that very satisfying feeling when I know that my student forever changed because of my work.
(言語を教えることで一番好きなことは、程度に関わらず、教室内でのアカデミックな話であれ、教室外の日常生活の中であれ, 生徒さん達に何らかの影響を与えることが出来ることです。そして、敬意を払ってもらえることです。生徒さんがなんらかのプラスの影響を受けてくれていることが何にも代えがたい喜びです。)
What’s the best place you have ever visited?
Countryside in Morocco
What was good about the place?
The beautiful nature, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, Sahara Desert and so on. And most importantly the simple life of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world. Kindness and hospitality are one of the kind there.
What’s your favorite place in Japan?
I would say “Okinawa” even I’ve never been there yet. “The waves of the sea help me get back to who I am”
What’s your favorite Japanese food?
AnagoZushi Is the best (If cooked by a professinal)
What do you like about your home country?
Simplicity of life
Date of birth with year
Message for prospective students
Let’s create the atmosphere of being able to achieve one’s aspirations! “The only people who never fail are those who never try.” Keep Trying.

あなたの「人生」を変える英会話! まずは無料体験レッスンから。